Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Private Launch of Master Yun’s New Fengshui Calligraphy Series 《日月明心》

With events such as Lotus 16th anniversary celebrations on 18th June this Saturday and ART BEYOND MUSEUMS series 《廊外有画》Penang ongoing plus upcoming ART BEYOND MUSEUMS series 《廊外有画》 series Laos , it can be a whirlwind, trying to do catching up on what is happening at Lotus on Water.

Just ended yesterday evening ,Lotus on Water has started on the PRIVATE launch of Master Yun’s new fengshui calligraphy series 日月明心 where clients who already owning Master Yun’s art are invited. I was honored to be one of the exclusive clients invited.

The日月明心series will be officially launched on 18th June anniversary and some images are attached below give you a sneak preview of the calligraphies below. More information on the series will shared during the anniversary celebrations.

My favorite piece ! Loved the pinkish yellow hue behind the calligraphy , very unique indeed.

Last but not least....心华盖世 series coming soon...in anticipation! Launch date to be announced soon !

Written by Jack Lim

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