Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Heart Breathes Fragrance, Turning your world into a Universe of Flowers-Gild GOLD for the Antique Buddha, HUAT on 18 June

Today is the day !!! Lotus on Water 16th Anniversary! When you are at the galleries, one of the many activities you can look forward to include gilding of gold on the antique Buddha 古佛鎏金活动.

Remember to gild the gold on today!

You will receive 2 pieces of gold foil 金箔. Not just any gold, but 24K GOLD!! When you gild gold on different parts of the antique Buddha, it shall help you to resolve different karmic obstacles.

Buddha covered in gold. Can you feel the prosperity?

When you gild gold on the Buddha's head, you can boost your wisdom and overcome obstacles. While on the Buddha's face, you will be granted a prosperous future. Furthermore, your charisma will be taken to a whole new level and people will start to welcome you when you gild on the Buddha's chest.

Clients gilding gold onto the Buddha

Gilding gold on the Buddha's stomach will bring you an abundance of wealth and on the Buddha's navel will ensure year on year good and overflowing harvest. The hands of the Buddha will bring you praises and respect in your life. 

Lastly, gilding gold on the Buddha's feet will ensure your career and life smooth sailing.

Gilding the gold onto the Buddha is just the start! During Master Yun's reblessing session, he will use his special Buddha duster 拂尘 to whip off the gold from Buddha statue, just like how he whips the gold from the crystal mountain in the main gallery during the reblessing session for lotus clients' collection.

Whipping off the remaining gold from the Buddha statue is to return luck to our clients. May Bliss fills your soul, may gold fills your house!

A shower of gold. 

Thus, you will get to enjoy the "rain of gold", a grand total of 2 times throughout the entire reblessing session! Be there to receive the gold from Master Yun's dusting!

Are you prepared for today? See you later!


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