Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Value of Art - Provenance

Provenance is broadly translated as the origin of a work of art. However, I feel "the journey of the artwork" might be a more fitting interpretation of the term.
Experts at Sotheby's mention that if a piece of rare porcelain belonged to Emperor Qianlong, or a flawless diamond once adorned the neck of a duchess, or a Rothko piece was admired by Rockefeller, these artworks, or others with an intriguing history, are filled with an allure that transcends their intrinsic value.
Frank Everett, a jewellery expert at Sotheby's, points out the compelling stories behind these items. Who wore it? When did she wear it? How did she wear it? How many times was it worn? We spend our lives searching for such fascinating tales.
Provenance is not just about the creator's story, but also what the artwork has experienced. Sometimes, a piece of art that has been collected by a celebrity or notable figure can be even more captivating than its original creator. For instance, the rare porcelain from Emperor Qianlong, made even more mysterious with the endorsement of a national ruler.
A fascinating example in the video is that Rothko painted an island owned by Rockefeller and had the painting prominently displayed in Rockefeller's office. While its estimated price was around 40 million dollars, it ultimately fetched a staggering 72 million dollars.
Master Yun was the first artist to host an exhibition on the Great Wall of China.
I often tell my friends that Master Yun is a responsible artist. Not just because he allowed me to host Art Beyond Museums, but because Master Yun has always been generous in investing to enhance the provenance of his artworks.
How so? Master Yun exhibited fengshui art to the Great Wall exhibition and, through Art Beyond Museums, showcased it in important, legendary, representative, and exclusive locations worldwide. As a result, Master Yun's fengshui paintings were showcased at the oldest film studio in England, the Ealing Studios, and in Penang, it was displayed on the tallest building, Guangda. Additionally, it was shot at the foothills of the Himalayas in Laos.
These are all splendid instances of provenance, fantastic experiences.
Of course, the Provenance criteria mentioned by the experts above all apply to Master Yun's fengshui art.
For example, in terms of celebrity collectors, the King of Cambodia is one of the collectors of Master Yun's fenghui art.
Art Beyond Museums was filmed in many countries, including in Laos.
Regarding the journey of the artwork, as I mentioned before, it has been to the Great Wall of China, the ancient landmarks in Europe, and has been exhibited in over 100 locations, a number that continues to grow.
When it comes to the stories behind the artwork, the materials used by Master Yun for his paintings have many legendary tales. The creative process is also fascinating, such as the splashing of champagne.
Truly, sometimes I feel that the journey of Master Yun's fengshui art is much more exciting than my own life. How could such magnificent fengshui art not be captivating?
~~ Gibson (Translated)
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