Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Value of Art - Condition

In the second episode, Sotheby's experts presented three main views on the subject of preservation.
Firstly, there is a mistaken assumption that any "aged" artwork should show signs of time. In reality, the most valuable and sought-after items appear "new."
Secondly, rather than saying that poor condition negatively impacts the value of a piece of art, it would be more appropriate to say that if the art is in its original state, it possesses extraordinary value. For example, when looking at an Impressionist painting, most of the time there might be something wrong with it, and because of that, there's almost nothing wrong with it; it merely has a condition issue.
Thirdly, traditionally, a painting getting dirty was an exciting thing, signifying it had been taken off display, but an overly cleaned painting may have its value reduced. However, this depends on the painting; a Rembrandt in poor condition is still a Rembrandt.
Anything sold by Lotus on Water must have the fengshui effect and meet three requirements: beauty, durability, and rarity.
Discussing this subject, Master Yun asked me, since the value of the artist seems to be the core reason for the value, why is its condition important? What does this have to do with products from Lotus on Water?
I replied that all products sold by Lotus on Water are top tier, with Master Yun being the central value for all the reasons.
However, Master Yun stated that anything sold by Lotus on Water, besides having the fengshui effect, must meet three requirements: beauty, durability, and rarity.
This means that the products of Lotus on Water are durable, including physical durability as well as metaphysical (spiritual, intellectual, conceptual, supernatural) durability, while also being as beautiful as art, and rare.
Fengshui art that invites contemplation will reveal different content at different times, places, moods, and to different people.
Readers who have seen my previous articles should know that Master Yun's fengshui art is created using top-quality materials. For example, the Dongba paper used for painting is said to last for a thousand years, and gold and silver need not worry as they can undoubtedly stand the test of time.
When I was recording the first season of Art Beyond Museums, the phrase I spoke most often was "stands the test of time." At that time, I was focused on physical durability and did not yet understand metaphysical durability. As previously mentioned, the intriguing aspect is that at different times, places, moods, and to different people, different content will be revealed, and the deeper our exploration of fengshui art, the richer the content we will see.
~~ Gibson (Translated)
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