Saturday, April 21, 2018

Your Fengshui: Easy, But Not That Easy

Having learned and practiced fengshui for the past 19 years, I have always told clients, fengshui can be both easy and difficult.   

Let’s talk about “easy” first.

Fengshui is actually easy to implement (that is, if you managed to find the correct guidance). We must first recognize that there is no perfect fengshui, as like I presume there is no such thing as perfect health (there isn’t, right?). To implement fengshui EASILY, we go for the vital points or sectors of your house.

We boost the energies at these vital points – these sectors that contain the stars of power generation, attune their Qi, and let heavens and earths do the rest.

If you have had someone done up the fengshui of your place before, you might notice the practioner either superimposed a circle divided into 24 equal segments over the floorplan of your house, or they just divided your place according to a grid of 9 squares. I am talking about something way simpler and easier. I am talking about just 2 vital points: the mountain spot, and the water spot.

When you take care of the mountain spot, you are enhancing the health, relationships and benefactors lucks; when you take care of the water spot, you are enhancing your wealth luck. You might be thinking of this Chinese phrase now: 山管人丁,水管财 (mountains are in-charge of human-related luck, and waters are in-charge of wealth). Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Once the mountain and water spots of your house are identified, there should be a physical representation and presence of mountain and water placed at these sectors or corners.

In the past, when we talk about mountain and water, we are talking about REAL mountains and bodies of water. After surveying where the REAL mountains and waters are, the ancients move the house to accommodate what the earths have given to us. Surely, this is not something we can do today. Imagine trying to shift the facing or direction of your apartment. Impossible. And don’t even try slanting the angle of your door or the doormat to cheat the energies; the energies are not stupid.

So you got to have a physical representation of mountain and water to activate these 2 vital spots. In Lotus on Water, we literally mean placing a crystal carved like a mountain, and a simple water feature, at these chosen spots.

In Singapore, you can’t have the REAL mountain. But you can have the essence of the mountains.

One more thing on why these 2 vital spots are so vital: they are the core yin and yang of the entire space. The plus and minus, the day and night, the positive and negative. Like turning on the main electricity switch, once you have your positive and negative aligned, the lights are on. And once you settled the mountain and water, then I would regard your house as fengshui-ed.

Of course, my clients tend to add-on other remedies and boosters over the years, most welcomed to do so, but the foundation must be in place. Without this set of fundamental yin-yang, everything else is just gimmicks. Like a flickering candle in a dark, dark room.

It is not just easy. It is also efficient, and of course effective.

So what’s so difficult?

The first difficulty is determining where your crystal mountain and water should be placed. Or, to analyze where the mountain and water stars (energies) are in your place. The mountain does not necessarily have to be at the back of your house, and your water placement doesn’t always have to be at the front.

And, whatever you are assuming now to be the back and front of your house, might not be very accurate. Fengshui has a different definition and perspective on how the front and back of your house are determined.

So these are the difficult parts. Leave the difficult parts to the experts. Leave them to us.

-- Kan Ying Loong
Executive Director, Lotus on Water

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