Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Must it be From the Lotus on Water Exquisite Gallery?

Lotus on Water Exquisite Gallery isn’t the only fengshui gallery selling jadeites and doing fengshui, but we are uniquely different and in what ways you wonder.

Let’s first look at how Lotus jadeites and the Heaven on Earth jadeite rings prosper our clients.

Bringing you the best and deflecting the bad.

A powerful fengshui master—one who stands by his principals and wealth of fengshui knowledge—concocts the unique vermillion for “awakening” Lotus treasures that bring out the best in you and for you to shine in the way ahead.

“It is better to know how to improve one’s fortune than to know one’s fortune.”
-- Master Yun

It’s like attending a concert: a free seating entry pass gives you the freedom to sit right in front of the stage or in the last row. Although you get to watch the performance in both sets, they bring very different levels of enjoyment and satisfaction.

If you have a choice, would you rather be seated at the very back or in the VIP seats with a direct view of the performer?

If you have a choice, would you prefer to have a singer who lips syncs and is bad at it or a singer who sings ‘live’ and amazingly?

We have our preference so to each his own, but being seated in the VIP seats when the singer sings ‘live’ is just incredible.  

Listening to a singer’s affectionate singing is having a Lotus treasure that has been “awaken” and all ready to convey images and sounds to the wearer, for him to experience the passion and joy of attending a concert every day.

A lip syncing singer can't convey such passion and joy, only a truly passionate singer can do so, and Master Yun is such a singer.

A lip syncing singer is a dishonest singer, how do you expect the heavens to bless such a person? Only the blessed Lotus treasures can bestow upon you heaven’s blessings, giving you your personal concert pass. Have your Lotus treasure and have them assist you in arriving at your destination.

The road of prosperity is filled with obstacles, but your Lotus treasure works like a lamp in the desert, leading you to the oasis in this boundless heaps of sands.

Oasis in the desert

The same goes for Master Yun’s fengshui paintings.

Master Yun’s art works like a loud hailer broadcasting messages to your Lotus treasures. Master Yun’s paintings bring prosperity and elegance to your home and it supervises your Lotus treasures, ensuring that they get more powerful and play their part in prospering you.

Colourful art piece catches everyone’s attention, but we should not neglect what’s written in the background. It’s a prayer conceived personally by Master Yun, it’s a sincere piece of creation that brings you the most genuine emotions.

These works of Celebrationism have the Lotus on Water prayer written on them:

I am better today than I was yesterday, 
I will be better tomorrow than I am today.
I am healthy, wealthy, happy and attractive.
Wealth & Love follow me as I bloom like Lotus on Water.
Health and Happiness Increase,
As I grow in Prosperity and Elegance.

With elegance and prosperity, the lifelike peacock.

This Lotus on Water prayer conveys happiness and positivity to your family and friends, bringing them joy and blessings. Master Yun insists on using 100% natural and authentic Lotus treasures as it's the only way to prosperity—you have to sing ‘live’ and not lip sync.

The most prosperous fengshui comes from the best jadeite. The best jadeite comes from the most prosperous fengshui gallery. And the sincerest songs by a genuine singer brings you a life of prosperity and elegance.

Let’s attend this concert of the century and its venue: Lotus on Water Exquisite Gallery.

-- Owen, Assistant to Advisor


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