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Master Yun Fengshui Painting - The Gown of Prosperity 《富贵的长袍》

When I stepped into Lotus on Water Gallery initially (March 2020 - how time flies), I did not know apart from all the jadeite and precious treasures, Master Yun was already famed globally for his paintings. 

If you think of paintings coming from a Chinese man can only consist of black, white and red (the typical colors used in traditional oriental paintings for mountain, water, little huts, cranes, eagles etc), I invite you to come down to Lotus on Water Gallery, join me and witness yourself how Master Yun has create a new horizon for Chinese paintings. On top of that, each and every of Master Yun's paintings is unique (no 2 pieces are the same) and contain Fengshui elements through the expensive and authentic materials Master Yun use in all his paintings.

There are many customers who have prospered after bringing the painting home and come back for 2nd, 3rd and even 4th! It's your turn to prosper too!

Today, I am going to introduce to you this painting of peacock that calls out to me, without me looking at the title of it (Well, I would love to snatch this up but I already have chosen another painting. So, my loss is definitely your gain).

The Gown of Prosperity

Let us take a closer look at this painting - can you tell where is the peacock's head?

The head of peacock is the gold portion near top right.
The head of peacock is the gold portion near top right

From my own perspective, golden peonies are at the top left corner and the peacock has graciously turned its head around to have a look at the wealth and achievement he has accumulated over the years on his "gown" and perhaps, feels amazed by his own transformation and success. 

We all know how important it is for the male peacocks to spread his feathers in upright position to attract the female peacocks and at the same time, frighten the enemies off with his "thousand eyes" on his gorgeous feathers. Now, the peacock in this painting gives me a feeling that he is graceful, calm and confident. He does not need to show off his success and beauty because he knows deep inside him that he already has it all and as long as he wants, he just need to turn his head back to appreciate his own achievement. He does not need to concern how he looks in front of others because he knows everyone else is looking upon him and wishes that they will one day be like him. 

Don't you want to be like this peacock, standing at the peak of your life, calm and confident, looking back casually at your own achievement and glory?

I can sense that you nodding in silence and staring at the painting. Well, I have more reasons for you to stare even further. Master Yun's paintings come with 3 mind-blowing looks - one that you already see above i.e. the normal day-light look. Can you guess the other 2 looks?

The Gown of Prosperity under UV lighting

Yes, you have just stepped into the galaxy with Master Yun's painting. Under UV lighting, it appears like all the planets in the galaxy are gathering towards the top direction, reflecting all the prosperity spread across the entire galaxy is flowing towards you in this painting! Isn't this exciting?!

The final look of this painting is the after-effect after the UV lighting is being switched off. You will most likely see this effect after you finish your day by staring at the painting , decide to head to bed and turn off the UV lamp.

The Gown of Prosperity After UV Lighting

The coolest thing is because of the colors of UV paint Master Yun uses on this painting (and many of Master Yun's other masterpieces), the UV effect on the painting lingers on and presents this special look! I am not sure why, but this look gives me the vibe that the collector of this painting will definitely be showered by prosperity and goodness from the above. I see that treasures are pouring from the sky in my perspective.

Now, back to the beginning of this article where I mention about the expensive and authentic materials being used in this painting. I will share a little bit over here for your information:

  • 24k gold
  • Real Silver
  • Champagne
  • Master Yun's seals and many more...

This painting has been exhibited in Bangkok and also featured in "Art Beyond Museum" series at Punjab Grill, Singapore.

If there is one thing you must do for yourself, make an appointment with Cola from Lotus at 8137 8024 to view the painting in real life!

-- Ashley

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