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Master Yun Long Zi: The Everlasting Youth of the Chinese Language (Speech at the 8th International Primary Students Mandarin Recital Contest)

(Master Yun Long Zi’s, Honourary President of Chinese Teachers Literary Recital Society, speech at the 8th International Primary Students Mandarin Recital Contest)

I often ask Chinese compatriots, “What do we Chinese do better? How is China better than others?” They will reply, “China is big and we have a huge population!”

It is true that China is a huge country with a large population. But the large land area should be credited to Qin Shihuang, without whom, China would be in pieces instead of what it is today. But Qin Shihuang’s greatest legacy is not unifying China through violence means, but to standardise the writing system.  

An empire will not last forever, like how no one can live eternally. But with a standardised writing system, there is a standardised communication tool and a shared history, which can record the shared memory of millions and billions of people over a few thousand years. As long as there is a Chinese in this world, the writing system will live on. 

Are we just enjoying the heritage that Qin Shihuang left behind for a few thousand years, or are we going to build on his legacy and contribute to society?

The Chinese Teachers Literary Recital Society launched the International Primary Students Mandarin Recital Contest in 2002 and this is the seventh instalment. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to perform the sound and rhythm of words on stage through recitation, as well as to express the storyline and emotions of words through recitation on stage. 

The Chinese writing system is a system that requires a lot of hard work to learn well, that’s why only people who study really hard will be able to have a good grasp of it. However, sound and emotion in language transcend nationalities and national boundaries. 

We are very fortunate that Qin Shihuang allowed the Chinese writing system to overcome time and live forever. Today’s Recital Contest is trying to overcome time and allowing you to feel the enthusiasm, liveliness and greatness in the Chinese language. The Recital Contest strives to turn the everlasting Chinese writing system into the Chinese language of everlasting youth.

Thank you for your support, let’s continue to work hard!

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 2014

Master Yun Long Zi: The Simple Greatness [Speech at the 8th National Storytelling Competition (“Leaders of Greatness”)]

What is a great person? How do you become a great person? Do you have to be extremely smart, intelligent, wealthy and capable?

Speaking of this, I was reminded of this year’s China CCTV Chinese New Year programme Spring Festival Gala (Chunwan). There was a segment where Song Zuying and Celine Dion sang a song together, they are the top sopranos of China and America respectively. The song was Jasmine

Why was I reminded of this song Jasmine–even six-year-olds can sing it–when I think of great men?

Whenever we speak of great men, we will talk about their childhood experiences. Does this mean that talent makes a person great? In other words, are great men born with the personality to become great? Well, if that’s the case, what’s the point of sharing stories of great men to educate others? Why don’t we allow everyone to rely on their inner talent to become a great person naturally?

That’s clearly not the case. You will have to overcome challenges to become great and these challenges or tests, are often as simple as the song Jasmine. The test of being a great person does not only take place when you are a child, it occurs even when you’re an adult, until the day you pass away. 

There was a president named Washington. When he was a child, he chopped down the cherry tree that his father loved. He faced a simple test: to own up or to escape. To take responsibility or to run away? To admit or to lie? Washington bravely made the right choice. Not only did he make the right choice at that time, he made the right choices all his life until death.

A great country was born because of him.

He is a great president. He is. 

Another American president was born more than 200 years after Washington’s birth. His name is Clinton. People cannot escape from doing wrong and the same goes for Clinton. He made a wrong decision and had an improper relationship with his secretary. When he was questioned by his citizens and faced impeachment, he had to go through the same test as Washington. The simple question: To own up or to escape. To take responsibility or to run away? To admit or to lie? This is a simple yet difficult choice.

Unfortunately, Clinton did not make the right choice. Hence, Clinton can be considered a capable president, a money-making president, a smart president. However, he will not be considered a great president. He is not. 

Our neighbour, Malaysia, will be holding a general election tomorrow. Malaysia gained independence two years before Singapore did. Both countries were previously British colonies, and shared many similarities in their systems and constitution. However, 40 to 50 years after independence, Singapore is now a first world country with the highest per capita income in the world, enjoying unparalleled security, prosperity and progress. Whilst Malaysia is far from becoming a first world country. It’s not a safe country and its citizens are panicking before the general election. It is not because Malaysia has not seen a capable leader, a money-making leader or a smart leader, but because their leaders did not make the right choices, like what our leaders did, when faced with simple yet critical challenges. 

Our world yesterday, needed great people.

Our world today, needs great people.

Our world tomorrow, needs great people even more.

We need to work hard to be great.

Today, we will be hearing stories of many great men. I hope these simple yet great stories can remain in our hearts forever, like the song Jasmine

Let the story of the great man, tell the story of the great man, and decide who’s the winner today.

But the simple yet important tests that make you great will never end.

I hope you will always remember the stories of great men when facing those trials. Just like how we won't forget the song Jasmine.

I hope you will always have the courage to make the right choice. Whether you are a great person, will determine how our world will be tomorrow. 

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 2013







如果你一直都想请购云大师的话,现在就是“进场”的时候了。 即刻就拥有你的第一幅风水画,让你的宇宙发光。



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FOUR 4 RECOMMENDED FENGSHUI PAINTINGS of This Season: Hear it from Master Yun

You know Master Yun's fengshui art is a MUST-HAVE, and you might already be onto your 2nd or 3rd fengshui painting. Here are our TOP recommendations of this season, and very HUATLY, we have Master Yun's words and feels about these paintings.

1. "Golden Sky"《金天》

I quite enjoy looking again, with friends and clients, at some old paintings I have done.

Some will find in my painting,

Things in my painting I have not intended when I was painting

Like this piece of "Golden Sky".

Under UV light, the left side looks like a huge long dragon twisting its body rising up.

On top of the painting is a golden dragon facing front.

Next to the dragon is a phoenix.

Under the spotlight , the right side is two lumps of gold petals. Looks like the imperial golden flowers the emperors in the past would pierce onto the hats of the top scorers of imperial examinations.

In the center, some see a ring.

Some call it the activation of the right brain.

Some say the third eye is opened

Some call it meditation by contemplation, like when you are looking into the crystal ball.

Whatever you call it, the universe always reveals secrets to those with open childlike eyes in their hearts.

2. "Youthful Determination"《春华少壮》

At the age of 40, the eagle has to do something to be youthful again.

It has to break its own claw-nails that have grown too long.

It has to tear off its own feathers that have grown too old to fly.

It has to break it own beak that has grown too curly.

And wait for their rebirth.

That’s the meaning of this fan painting.

Title: "Youthful Determination"

It’s not about a young bird.

It’s not really about youth.

It’s about the determination that makes one youthful again.

3. "Gush of Prosperity"《喷发的富贵》

The title is "Gush of Prosperity"

Because there is a gush of liquid from the bottom of the painting through to the top of the painting.

Only oil wells gush like this, I think.

Rockefeller who discovered an oil well, reaped from it and went on to become the richest man in the world.

Like the peacock in the painting.

4. "Summer Berries"《夏日的果》

"Summer Berries"

Is the title of this small painting of mine.

The UV light version is even more interesting.

Looks like a heart under a colorfully brighten up tree.

Also looks like two persons holding hands while a giant colorful butterfly flapping wings to the sky.

The day light version and the spotlight version show two peonies. One a bud.

And the other flower is ripe and fell to the ground, like our money invested away, or our love given out.

But the sky returns us with a full harvest of berries that covers heaven and earth.

Harvest of berries is easiest and sweetest in the season of summer.

Which captures your heart?

-- Kan, Executive Director
[Bilingual description of painting from Master Yun]

TIME TO ENTER THE MARKET: Master Yun's Fengshui Art

It has been three years since Master Yun Long Zi's first art exhibition. And we know there have been more and more collectors of Master Yun's fengshui paintings. All over the world, in fact.

The exciting thing is also, some collectors have already bought their 2nd, 3rd painting!

We know that the fengshui paintings are more than just art or adornment for the house, they also work together with the rest of your fengshui collections, bringing more prosperity, fact, they are the constant injections of "human will" -- Master Yun's blessings and positive energies from his meditations.

Perhaps that's how we are seeing collectors of Master Yun's art becoming happier, more prosperous, and more open to new possibilities and opportunities (

As if their universe expanded.

If you have been eyeing Master Yun's fengshui paintings, it's time to "enter the market". Time to own your first fengshui painting and brighten up your world.

Time to catch up! They are already onto their 2nd and 3rd piece!

-- Kan, Executive Director



想到这里,我想起来今年的华人新年,中国的中央电视台的春节晚会。有一个节目,那是由中国的第一女高音,宋祖英,和美国的第一女高音,Céline Dion,合唱的一首歌。那首歌叫《茉莉花》。




















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China CCTV Awards Lotus on Water: "2019 Outstanding Enterprise | 2019突出贡献企业" (PART 3)

Previously in PART 2...
By the way, I think we all can agree, your heart is where your money is. When one is willing to spend $10k on a branded luxury bag but not on one's own culture, it simply means the person feels that the bag is more worthy or valuable. The same applies to people who claim their love and respect for the art and culture of fengshui, but somehow regard that it should be cheap or even free. That's 口不对心 (the words do not match the heart). And to the many who practice fengshui but do it cheaply, fakely or irresponsibly, you are tarnishing the name of your heritage, you too are undervaluing your culture. That's 作贱自己的文化 (cheapening our own culture).
It's not easy sustaining an art, a culture. I spent four years in Peking University for my college; I have been seen many prestigious national level arts and cultural societies. In my past decade with Lotus on Water, I had the great fortune to be involved in many other art organizations. And I know it can be difficult keeping these non-profit organizations alive.

Funding is a persistent challenge. Without consistent donations, patronage from key benefactors or considerable support from the government, it is enormously difficult to keep the organization breathing, even less so of accomplishing projects of scale and influence.

Some people somehow naively assume that the art would just live on. Or, they asset that if the art is really good, it doesn't need preservation or promotion of any kind, that it would somehow be "naturally" passed down.

Even Confucius 孔子 had the sponsorship from the richest of his students, Zi Gong 子贡, to travel around states to preach his philosophy 周游列国.

Lotus on Water strives to be even better.

We create value with the art we inherited, enterprise it, give it a new lease of life. And with the capacity of a thriving business, we support aspects of the art in return.

For instance, Lotus on Water installed the "Lotus on Water Gold Medal" and various book prizes for graduating students from the Chinese faculty of Nanyang Technological University, rewarding students with the best final year thesis. While encouraging more young people to study Chinese, we are also promoting the spirit of critical thinking in the faculty, so as to produce constructive individuals who would further benefit the Chinese culture.

For instance, Master Yun is the Honorary President of Singapore's International Art and Culture Federation 新加坡国际文化艺术联合会, the highest order of all art and culture societies in Singapore.

He is also the Honorary President of the Singapore Chinese Teachers Literary Recital Society 新加坡华文教师诗歌朗诵学会.

And, also a key patron of Singapore Teachers Art Society 新加坡教师美术协会.

And so, as Lotus on Water makes fengshui great and relevant again by enterprising this ancient art, we also have the chance to become the patron to others.

It's a very healthy cycle. It's a very honorable cycle.

And it's definitely a very Chinese way of doing things. Unknown to me by what sort of influence, some people who work in the cultural scene deem themselves destined to be poor, and somehow regard those who are rich to be uncultured or not inheriting the "true essence" of the culture. From what I know, Chinese hardly adheres to the dichotomy of "either/or". We are more of a "AND" people.

Lotus on Water is exemplifying that it's not a "either/or". But "AND". By the way, it's fengshui, it's yin AND yang. Not yin OR yang.

We are telling people: look, you can inherit a culture, you can work with the arts, and at the same time, be enterprising.

AND, this might alleviate the issue of "yellow autumn crop does not last until the green spring crop" (青黄不接) -- lack of successors to the art.

It would be most ideal and wonderful if people are willing to carry on a tradition, art and culture for nothing much. But isn't this the issue faced by say...the Singapore sports team? If we don't create professionals, which means they are paid, very decently-paid if you will, it would just be a hobby. There have been appeals, if you really love local food, go buy and eat from them; if you really love local musicians, singers, artists, go support their gigs, go buy their music, go buy tickets and watch their performances. It's simple.

When we professionalize it, and recognize it as a profession, we provide the possibility of specialization. Or in other words, there would be more initiatives to create modern value with ancient arts, more attempts to refine it.

We Chinese used to say 发扬光大 (to develop and glorify), especially when we inherit an art, a culture, a heritage. It is a responsibility to our ancestors. We also owe it to our successors. There is no "发扬光大" without the next generation.

Lotus on Water has been at this mission for more than a decade. I suppose we are doing a pretty good job so far. Or some might say, an "Outstanding" job.

-- Kan, Executive Director