Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Exquisite Lotus Collection Sold to Blessed Client - This Is The Imperial White Inkstone

Master Yun Long Zi blesses every single Lotus collection bought by clients himself, using the specially prepared vermilion, including this Imperial White Inkstone.

The Old Cliff class of Duanxi Clear Waters Inkstone 老坑端溪静水砚台 is a rarity. However, it is nothing compared to the Imperial White Inkstone 御用白端(乾盛康隆硃批砚). It is because the Imperial White Inkstone is not used to grind ink, but to grind red vermillion.

The red vermillion ground on the
Imperial White Inkstone was only used by the Emperor.

Grinding the red vermilion stick on the Imperial White Inkstone, for power, for benefactors, for victory.

Nobody, not even the Prime Minister, can use the Imperial White Inkstone to grind the red vermillion. So how many Imperial White Inkstone can be left among the layman?

With the red ink from vermilion, every single policy of the country was decided. “批”或“不批”,“准”或“不准” - yes or no.
Officials submit their reports to the emperor in black ink. The Emperor replies, in red vermilion ink. Only the Emperor uses the red vermilion.

The Imperial White Inkstone was a symbol of power, authority and control. Administer the fengshui magic by grinding red vermillion on the Imperial White Inkstone and your power and benefactors will multiply immensely.

While defending with the
black Duanxi Clear Waters Inkstone is an option, be offensive, heighten your power and benefactor energy tremendously by using the Imperial White Inkstone. Choose to be victorious.

Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

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