Monday, December 10, 2018

RECAP(1): Why Agarwood and Mountain Matter in 2019


Despite having 2 timings for one session, I was still greeted by an overwhelming and passionate crowd on both days for my Annual Fengshui Talk. What a weekend.

For my first session, I covered 3 annual flying stars for next year (2019, 己亥年 Earth-Pig year). 2 of them are most terrible stars, Five Yellow 五黄 and Two Black 二黑, which brings disasters/mishaps/accidents and illness/depression/delays/confusions respectively.

In short, they are just terrible. And should be warded off at all costs.


The solutions are direct. For the Five Yellow spot, place 9 big bronze coins 大铜钱. The ones from Lotus on Water of course, solid bronze. For the Two Black spot, place 4 Pu'er Tea Hulus 老树生普葫芦九帝钱. Specially created by Master Yun, at about 600grams each.


There is really no compromise when it comes to these 2 evil spots.

And if you are familiar with the philosophy of Lotus on Water, the way we see, believe, and do things, you would know that's not the end of the story. Defense alone is not enough. Defense alone, is just losing ground slower.

Take a more assertive and positive stance. And so we have the 3rd annual flying star for 2019, the Eight White star, which brings direct wealth, and is smacked right in between Five Yellow and Two Black.


The solutions to boost this spot for direct wealth are also consistent. You can either light Five Paths of Wealth Incense, or/and hang a piece/string of agarwood there.


Agarwood has the ability to absorb obstacles and convert them into opportunities. In 2019, having agarwood in the sector of the Eight White star prospers your direct wealth, yes, it also helps you to convert intruding negative energies of illness and disasters.


When you take care of these 3 annual flying stars in 2019, you are taking both offensive and defensive positions.

An alternative, would be to place your crystal mountain. Crystal mountains are about the big cycle of fengshui of your house, and they take care of health, relationships, benefactors. You don't want to just not be ill, you also want to have good health and relationships.


Still, as to how heavily these annual stars affect your home and office, we have to go through one-to-one. If you haven't made your appointment for your annual review, it's about time!

-- Kan, Executive Director

--> In order for a more comfortable seating and more intimate engagement, there will be 2 timings for each session.
--> Second session: 15 Dec Saturday 4:30pm / 16 Dec Sunday 4:30pm

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