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Carp Jumping Over Dragon Gate (鲤鱼跃龙门)

Everyone loves legends and stories, so do I.

Have you heard about "Carp Jumping Over Dragon Gate  (鲤鱼跃龙门)" then?

Well, today, I will share with you about this interesting Chinese mythology.

Dragons and fish are very much well-loved by the Chinese as dragons signify power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge and fish signifies abundance and affluence. And for crap to be able to jump over dragon gate, what does that mean?

Image credit: 米秋

Carp can be the transformation of dragons and they do have the opportunities to do so! However, it would not be so easy to achieve as they will need to overcome a huge challenge. The challenge came in the form of the Dragon Gate, which was on the top of a waterfall cascading from a legendary mountain. And if any of them managed to do so, they would be instantly transformed into dragons and flew towards the sky!

Just imagine yourself as a carp. Will you give up upon the thought of swimming upstream against the strong current or a couple of failures, thus giving up your biggest dream? And even if you manage to swim upstream and am in front of the dragon gate, will you have enough strength and courage left to make that final leap?

Well, "carp (not crap) jumping over dragon gate" is the Chinese cultural symbol for courage, perseverance, and accomplishment. It used to be an expression to describe one's success in passing the extremely difficult imperial examinations. We do not have imperial examinations now, but we are given tests and examinations in our lives. 

Would you like to be like the carp that magically becomes the dragon in the sky or the carp who is contented swimming in the river? Would you want overcome the obstacles in your life and unleash your full potential this lifetime or you do not mind being a pushover by challenges in life?

Lotus On Water Gallery has an awesome piece of jadeite pendant which I am wearing now and it is known as Heaven and Earth Taiji Fish Jadeite Pendant / Double Fish Jadeite Pendant. It is actually 2 pieces of jadeite that come together and form the shape of Yin and Yang.

I personally think the philosophy of yin and yang, together with this "carp jumping over dragon gate" expression (and of course, the beauty of the pendant) suits me and calls out to me, as if it is the answer to the question of "Why are you here?" from Mr Kan.

Don't hesitate anymore, we are in the Phase 2  (Heightened Alert) of this pandemic. Do something for yourself and your family. Connect with Lotus on Water today.

Because you are worth being that dragon in your life. 

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Why Are You Here? - Part III

 Today is exactly 8 months and 12 days after I wore my pendant last September. I personally feel it may just be the right time to share the happenings so far and more on my pendant.

I was talking about how I felt more positive and at peace despite moving into a room in office where the fengshui was really terrible. Things did not just end there. The business situation was very tense for my company last year as there were so much uncertainties in the services we provided even though the entire company stayed very focused and pushed in delivering results.

It was obvious that the results delivered by the sales were less than expectation and this drove the upper management and directors crazy (they were definitely very stressed as well). So crazy that they started to implement a 7-day working week and of course, those who stood up against this were told off rudely. Some left, some stayed.

I went ahead and put in that extra effort to report every 2 hourly on top of the daily tasks even on weekends without complaints. Thinking back, I really have to give myself a pat on the shoulder for pushing on during that period of time. Anyway, back to the work, apparently there was a day which I had to rush some last minute presentation for my CEO which I only got to finish just right before midnight. What I did not expect was the kind of reaction from my direct boss the very next day. 

She called everyone into the meeting room and asked me to dial in immediately from home. Once I got into the meeting, I got dressed down mercilessly in front of the entire team because my report was delayed the day before on the 2-hourly deadline . I was shocked and stunned by the screaming while being apologetic as I knew I was at fault even though I was told to do up the presentation asap. 

In the past, I would have just kept quiet and let it go and tried finding reasons for the other party. Instead, after the call, I calmed down after feeling upset and told myself that I had to let the bosses know my thoughts while acknowledging my fault and apologizing. So, I drafted a note to her and the bosses (but not including the entire team as it would not do my direct boss any good) to share how I felt, why that delay etc. Yes, it was a small matter but somehow, I just felt that I needed to voice out

I am always the nice lady whom some may take advantage of my soft-heartedness and kindness. The bosses were shocked that I voiced it out objectively and the CEO called me immediately and requested to have a chat with me the next day.

Until today, I do not know what my CEO said to my direct boss after the meet-up but I know from that day onwards, my direct boss has toned down a lot not only on me, but also on the rest of the team too. And of cos, I think words get around and the relationships within the 2 departments get even better on the ground level.

My voicing out of my thoughts have perhaps "saved" me and the rest of the team. And no, after wearing the pendant, I do not become more aggressive (haha). Instead, I gain more popularity and foster better relationships with more people. The original me is still there but my mindset and aura and everything seems to be better!

So, your next question should be, "So, why should I get this instead of the rest and who will be suitable to wear the pendant (Heaven and Earth Taiji Fish / Lotus Double Fish jadeite pendant) that you are wearing?"

Well, if you are someone who prefers a pendant with unique design (the craving is in the shape of Yin and Yang to help balance and prosper everything in the life of the lucky owner) + interesting story (I will leave it to the next article on carp jumping over dragon gate) and are looking for an upgraded version of overall enhancement in all aspects of life (especially in relationship, benefactors, then YOU should look at this.

As for whether or not you are suitable to wear this, I will leave to the experts at Lotus on Water Gallery to share with you after having a look into your chart to advise you what is more suitable for you based on your bazi AND what you are looking for as well.

I sincerely hope to see you there one day and urge you to take action now. The longer you wait to start your journey with Lotus, the more regret you will have.

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今晚,两个世界又再次相遇。视觉艺术与建筑相遇。 吴哥窟古典芭蕾与西班牙弗拉门戈舞相遇。 亚洲风水与西方基督教信仰相遇。












Sunday, May 9, 2021

邓文章先生谈云大师的气魄 | Mr Teng Wen Chang on Master Yun's Spirit and Vision

作为新加坡人当惜之,团结和谐,再创輝惶! 🌷😊  
Politically stable and beautiful, Singapore is a country that talents flock to and where citizens lead a satisfying life. These thoughts came to my mind after attending Master Yun Long Zi’s and Mr Zhuang Jie’s art exhibition and concert.
An internationally renowned tenor, Mr Zhuang Jie is an immigrant from China with a master’s degree from the Peking University’s Academy of Opera. A winner of numerous awards, he clinched the top award in the 8th Singapore Golden Lion International Music Arts Competition. Mr Zhuang put up an exemplary performance exhibiting the lure of his vocals. Everyone in the audience was deeply impressed and satisfied.
Master Yun Long Zi’s art is firmly rooted in the traditions of East and West, whilst employing contemporary art techniques. Marrying ink and calligraphy, Master Yun’s contemporary artworks bring joy and prosperity to whoever owns it, whether as an investment or purely to appreciate its artistic beauty! A recipient of the International Art Achievement Award and the Chinese Model Award, Master Yun held a marvellous exhibition at the Great Wall of China that made waves internationally. I am truly impressed!
Singapore’s outstanding economic achievements, political stability and fruitful lives of its people, are made possible by the wise leadership of the government. As the saying goes, “one generation plants the trees, the next generation enjoys the shade”. This country unfailingly welcomes talents from around the world to contribute to its growth!

Singaporeans should cherish this, and join hands to bring the nation to greater heights! 🌷😊
Mr Teng Wen Chang
International Culture and Art (Singapore) Federation

Thursday, May 6, 2021



            如果您是云龙旺财馆的新客人,您一定要认识云龙子旺财馆的领部了。您一定要上领部的Module A 课程。

            那什么是领部?什么是Module A? Module A 是由谁来讲解的呢?

领部和 Module A

            领部 (LEAD TEAM) 的“领”就是带领的意思,所以领部就是专门带领新顾客融入云龙子旺财馆这个旺财大家庭的一组成员。领部的成员就是云龙子旺财馆的追随者。他们会为新客人讲解Module A课程。



            云龙子旺财馆是不会让新顾客请了他们的第一样旺财翡翠后,就不理会他们的。您请了旺财宝物后,就赶快报名上Module A 的课程,并认识领部的成员吧!除了云龙子旺财馆,还有哪一间风水馆和风水师傅会这么用心地照顾您呢?

            Module A课程是由云龙之子旺财馆为您开办,并由领部成员为您讲解的。领部的课程与活动是要让顾客融入这个旺财的大家庭,并了解云龙子旺财馆的翡翠和其它的旺财宝物。

            每周的Module A课程,领部都会请一位特别嘉宾来向顾客分享他加入云龙子旺财馆的过程和他的旺财之路。同时,领部成员也会教导顾客怎样戴、照顾和保养他们的翡翠。成员还会教导顾客如何点香拜馆,并带领着他们去 拜馆。


            说到这里,想必现在不只是新客人想要上Module A和认识领部成员,就连加入旺财馆多年的顾客,也想上Module A了吧!不要犹豫了,只要您没上过Module A课程, 云龙子旺财馆欢迎您前来上课。每周的Module A名额有限,请尽快联络Mr Cola 8137 8024 报名上课!

课程: Module A 
  1. 嘉宾分享 (Guest sharing of testimonial)
  2. 3保证5不 (3Guarantees & 5Dont's)
  3. 怎样戴翡翠牌 (Wearing)
  4. 怎样照顾翡翠牌 (Caring)
  5. 怎样加强翡翠牌的能量 (Increasing Power)
  6. 怎样冥思 (Meditation)
  7. 拜馆 (Praying)

-- Amanda, 2021年 5月6日

Wednesday, April 28, 2021









什么是茶道精神?为什么茶道跟风水文化有关系呢? 为什么茶道也是一种冥思的方式呢?




        “怡”,就是愉快之意。文人学士饮茶,重在吟诗作对,修身养性,寄托情怀,并交朋结友。 佛家饮茶,重在“茶之德”,利用茶来提神,辅助参禅悟道。道家饮茶,重在“茶之功”,利用茶叶的药用价值,增强体质,延年益寿,最后羽化成仙。














九、鉴尝汤色 (看茶)





-- Amanda, 2021年 4月28日




        来到云龙子旺财馆,怎么可以只是喝普通的普洱茶呢?为什么这来自老树大叶普洱的普洱茶会叫做“富存茶”呢? 单看“富存”这两个字的意思,是把富贵存起来吗?为什么喝茶,也能存富贵呢?






—— Amanda , 2021年 4月28日

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Doing up this blog a little quicker this time round just before school, so what are we talking about in this final part here? As mentioned in the title, we will be talking about the FINALE of that night, some extra memorable KEY POINTS and too some special guests list! 

So what should we begin with? A little heavy on content today but let's do it one by one! 

Let's start with what I found was memorable that day, I must say the whole event itself was really memorable but MOST memorable was hearing the shouting of ENCORE! With that, Tenor Zhuang Jie sang multiple other songs, and what impacted most was actually the song "In The Water Side", a modern classical which is renowned by many generations, not just one generation but multiple generations. If you are interested in this, you can surely check out Lotus On Water Facebook page whereby we have a short clip of it in fusion with Master Yun's fengshui paintings.

Next, let's move on to some special guests that attended this grand concert, some specific ones of course!! Starting with the VVIP zone where Master Yun is, we have......

- Mr Anthony Chaumuzeau, Counsellor for Culture, Education and Science, of the French Embassy

- Mr Jorge Garcia, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Peru in Singapore.

- 肖江华先生, 中国文化中心主任

- 何伟山先生, 新加坡华乐团行政总监

- 叶聪先生, 新加坡华乐团音乐总监

- Mr Marcel Bertaud, Director of Laurent-Perriers for Asia 

On the other hand, we will be showcasing VIPs from Mr Kan, Cola sides.

- 范敏范董, 携程网联合创始人

- 李小东李董, 东海集团的董事长及联合创始人

- 张涛张董, 大众点评CEO与创始人

- 胡猛胡董, 凤和集团的创始人

- 雷鸣雷董, 百度七剑客之一, 酷我创始人 

Not just these, there are also many many other very important guests and clients from Lotus On Water such as the CEO of the largest Solar company and also not forgetting our LOTUS FOLLOWERS!! Shall place some nicely taken photos down below!!

I will also briefly mention about some of the charming paintings that was displayed at SCO but maybe if you did not pay close enough attention, you would have missed it. 

1. Proudly Tasteful

2. Fan Up Prosperity Courageously

3. Criss Crossing of Gold and Silver

Don't wonder why I did not put the Thoughts Of Paintings here, it was fully INTENTIONAL. If you are curious about these paintings, you can checkout masteryunart.com where Master Yun places his Thoughts Of Paintings.

And the last song for the day goes to Libiamo ne'lieti calici sang by all the performers, ending off the concert with a surprise. I must say it was a great performance and Master Yun ought to be the first to fuse these arts together, visually and auditorily, while at the same time raising the values of both culture and arts, a truly noble act which only Master Yun could achieve.

Siah Siang Woo, 13/4/2021

Monday, April 12, 2021


We are currently down to the last 5 songs and paintings to talk about! Let's just finish it in this blog and perhaps in the next blog, I would end off with some EXCITEMENT! For example, who are the guests that appeared that day and also why that night was that special! In fact, reading our blogs is actually a way to show the beauty of Master Yun's art paintings and the true value it portrays. 

However, today not just the 5 songs but I will be talking about one of our KEY personnels, Kunhua! A really wonderful radio DJ from YES 933, bilingually fluent and speaks with great confidence, illustrating the BEAUTY and VALUE of the fusion between Master Yun's fengshui paintings and Tenor Zhuang Jie singing.

Without further ado, let's hop into our 1st song of this blog and also the 9th song of this event! It's a little interesting this time round, as we all know, Master Yun's paintings are really special, under daylight it portrays a mixture of REAL GOLD and SILVER, shiny and glamorous. However, under ultraviolet light, it looks like stars in the galaxy, and some even has special effects, for instance a chinese wording is shown, did you see it?

Hence, with all these, we will be introducing two songs, The Wisteria and The Mighty River Flows East. One of which from a Chinese Opera, Mourning. The other is then from the Song Dynasty. However, how can we miss the Thoughts On Paintings? Let's take a look at this painting, one of everyone's favorite - " Birth and Rebirth of Prosperous Life".


Under the UV light

A man is taking out from the seashell (the peacock body)

An elixir like pearls

To light up his universe into longevity and prosperity.

Let's jump into song 11 and this song covered 2 paintings!
No 11: Panis Angelicus 
Panis angelicus (Latin for "Bread of Angels" or "Angelic Bread") is the penultimate strophe of the hymn "Sacris Solemnnis" written by Saint Thomas Aquinas for the feast of Corpus Christi as part of a complete liturgy of the feast, including prayers for the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.

What are the fascinating paintings which matches this dazzling song? One of it being sang in the last of Zhuang Jie Sunday LIVE, the "Season Of Sowing And Harvest". And the other being "Golden Sky". Two fantastic paintings involving the elegance of both peacock embraced the paintings, not just that, Master Yun's fengshui paintings are even being collected by the Director of Lourve Art Museum. Let's just display the paintings and the Thoughts On Paintings!
First, "Season Of Sowing And Harvesting".


The peacock eyes look like sowing seeds in the UV light

The peacock feathers look like golden rice ripe for harvest in the daylight

The wishes are seeds at night

To become rich harvest when the day is bright

Next, " Golden Sky ".


Under UV light, the left side looks like a huge long dragon twisting body rising up

On top of the painting is a golden dragon facing front

Next to the dragon is a Phoenix

Under the spot light , the right side is two lumps of gold petals. Looks like the imperial golden flowers the emperors in the past would pierce onto the hat of the top scorer of imperial examination

In the center,
some see a ring

Some call it the activation of the right brain

Some say the third eye is opened

Some call it meditation by contemplation, like when you are looking into the crystal ball

Whatever you call it, the universe always reveal secrets to those with the open childlike eyes in their hearts

No 12: Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
A German song, in English, Yours Is My Heart Alone. Written in D-flat major, Lehár had composed parts of the song already in 1923 when the original version of the operetta premiered under the title Die gelbe Jacke (The Yellow Jacket). When Löhner-Beda re-arranged the operetta, he moved Prince Sou-Chong's passage from act 1 to act 2. With new lyrics, it has possibly become Lehár's most famous single song, popularised by Tauber, who sang it at almost every recital he gave, often as an encore. With Tauber's emigration to London in 1938, it became popular also in the English-speaking world with lyrics by Harry B.Smith, which had originally been written in 1931, and went on to become a staple of light music repertoire for tenor voice. It became a standard and has been covered by artists from other genres, like jazz, swing, big band, and pop music.

And the painting is no other than a mixture of colors, yellow with white and a little complementary blue and green. One of the starting few Master Yun's paintings, the "Golden And Silver Wishes". 


Someone say they like this painting because the head of the crane looks like S

S for $$$$!


Art、business or money making needs inspiration and creativity!

Let's end the blog here! I will be talking about the Finale song and also the paintings that were displayed at SCO, so if you have been following up with these EVENT BLOGS, then be sure to catch me next week! Not jus event blogs, but looking ahead, I will be sharing my internship experience and the true value of why you should join Lotus On Water, the #LOTUSFAMILY. And importantly, be sure to also look forward to our LIVE program blogs, if you are not part of us yet, what are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW! Drop Cola a text at 8137 8024 or leave your enquiry on our Facebook page, Lotus On Water.

- Siah Siang Woo, 12/4/2021