Tuesday, December 24, 2019

RECAP ON TALK 1 : Watershed Year 2020, And Why YOUR White Inkstones Matter

RECAP ON TALK 1 : Watershed Year 2020, And Why YOUR White Inkstones Matter

Despite having a rerun for the 1st session, Mr Kan was still greeted by overwhelming and passionate crowds on both days of the Annual Fengshui Talk!

In Mr Kan's 1st session, he covered 4 FOUR annual flying stars for next year (2020, 庚子年 Metal-Rat year). 2 TWO of the more awful stars were mentioned.

Next year, the Black Duan Inkstone 端溪静水砚台 is VERY NEEDED. It helps to resolve conflicts and also prevent malefactors. VERY NECESSARY for 2020 -- a year of stripped opportunities and intense conflicts, especially for Singapore.

Other than intense conflicts, there are going to be A LOT of malefactors 小人. They steal your opportunities, split your riches. To resolve the "small people", you should put the Pearl Of Purple and Red Qi 紫气鸿云珠.

Speak to your Lotus advisors to find out the exact spot to place your remedies. 

But if you want to WIN in 2020, simply resolving conflicts is not enough. You need POWER and BENEFACTORS.

You need the Lotus Imperial White Inkstone 御用白端.

You surely have heard about 一白遮三丑 ("one white covers three ugliness"). When you ENHANCE one area of auspiciousness, three sectors of bad energies are suppressed.

The beautiful thing about White Inkstone is that it prospers your benefactors 贵人, authority and victory power. 

Some people do fengshui weirdly out there, aiming for mediocrity. Strange. Why waste your life. At Lotus on Water, we rather make our lives count. Greatness, or nothing.

And having the White Inkstone is a very EFFICIENT move. There's a difference between WINNING, and "not lose".

And very limited White Inkstones are available every year, better seize your favorite ones, fast.

In ancient times, the White Inkstones are only used by emperors for grinding red vermillion that was used to approve or reject official documents – all national affairs were decided by the red vermillion ground on these White Inkstones. Hence, White Inkstones symbolise supreme power and authority. When we grind red vermillion on White Inkstone, it is similar to making decisions on national affairs, business affairs, family affairs. With our abilities and faith, we grind the red vermillion in hope of achieving our heart desires.

In fact, there are 2 TWO benefactor stars for 2020. In an intensely competitive Metal-Rat year, best to have benefactors left and right to boost you.

BEST to have 2 TWO White Inkstones to invite your benefactors to you.

Who are these benefactors? One of them is the Martial Benefactor 武贵人. Tough to please and capture, but the rewards are HUGE.

The other, Literati Benefactor 文贵人. A nicer guy for sure, but his arrival might be delayed.

You want to capture both of them.

With stronger benefactors, the conflicts and malefactors of 2020 are contained.

With stronger White Inkstones, you win in 2020.

Remember to fix your appointment with your Lotus advisors. Let's implement these prosperous solutions specifically to your home and office.

Mr Kan said: 2020 can be a very challenging year. But it can also be the one that "serves you a new hand of cards" -- a watershed year, and you determine where your river shall flow.


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