Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Own Your Double Dragon jadeite ring|如何拥有专属于你的双龙夺珠翡翠戒指

The Double Dragon jadeite ring is powerful. When you wear it on the middle finger, your wealth prospers; on the last finger, your benefactors gather. 

And every single Double Dragon is yours specially. Customized to the jadeite cabochon of your choice, unique and prospering you in its particular way. Here, we break down the steps on how to purchase your own Double Dragon.

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1. After we have determined your favorable color, we go to the jadeite cabochon of that color. The Lotus jadeite cabochon is from the center of the jadeite boulder, the heart of the jadeite, the lotus seed. 

2. You may want to choose according to the quality and power of the jadeite cabochon.

3. Or, you may want to choose according to your feel and connection with it.

4. Choose the bottom ring - a jadeite/nephrite ring of your auspicious color. And try it with the jadeite cabochon of your choice.

5. See if you can make a set with your existing Ring!

6. Then, we start the setting. Double Dragon jadeite rings require at least 2 kinds of gold - white gold and yellow gold, rose gold and yellow gold, or just all 3!

7. Imagine: the crown for the crown jewel.

8. The final stage, let it shine.

9. Done - but not completed. Not ready for wearing and prospering the owner yet.

10. Master Yun Long Zi's personal blessing with the specially prepared Lotus vermilion. The Double Dragon is now awake to prosper its new owner.

11. Now you can wear your Double Dragon jadeite ring. Your prosperity is on its way.

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