Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lotus jadeite Zhong Kui | 云龙子旺财馆的翡翠钟馗

In year 2007, 1 year after the first Lotus on Water gallery was founded, founder Master Yun Long Zi came up with the first ever jadeite Zhong Kui. 

The purpose is to prosper the indirect wealth of Lotus clients, and for protection and blessing during the 7th lunar month, commonly known as the "ghost month." 

The 1st Lotus jadeite Zhong Kui continues to be a huge favorite amongst clients, and a limited edition of the 2nd Lotus Zhong Kui was officially released in 2009 (sold out). This 2014, we bring you the 3rd Lotus jadeite Zhong Kui. Find out more here.

Similar to the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring series and the various God of Wealth pendants released by Lotus on Water, we continue to perfect our existing collections. In Master Yun's words: "Perfection is an endeavor that can never be achieved, but perfection is also an endeavor that should never be forsaken."





The 1st Lotus jadeite Zhong Kui, in fact, the 1st ever jadeite Zhong Kui, was released in 2007. We call this the jadeite "Zhong Kui Subduing Five Goblins (ghosts)." It prevents loss of wealth and enhances the indirect wealth of the owner.


Similar to other Lotus jadeite collections, you should wear the one of your auspicious color, which we will determine for you. You might love the Lotus jadeite Zhong Kui, but not every single piece suits you - only the one that is of the correct element will prosper you. Find out more from us: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite


In 2009, the limited edition jadeite "Zhong Kui Stepping on Gold" is officially released. Only 100 pieces were made. Valued at 13,868SGD, all 100 pieces have been sold. While this is no longer available, the jadeite Zhong Kui Subduing Five Ghosts is still one of the hot favorites of the Lotus.


Like the Zhong Kui Subduing Five Ghosts, the limited edition Zhong Kui Stepping on Gold also comes in colors of the different elements. Which is your auspicious color?


This 2014, Lotus on Water brings you the 3rd jadeite Zhong Kui - the jadeite "Fortune Flying to you Zhong Kui." Lifting up his demon-slaying sword, Zhong Kui summons 5 bats to the wearer of this Lotus jadeite pendant, hastening your prosperity. 


On the back of this pendant, carved the Lotus and the signature of Master Yun Long Zi, for extra blessings. Recognize the authentic Lotus, and beware of imitations.


Fortune Flying to you Zhong Kui, for your hastened prosperity of 5 kinds, coming to you day and night. Buy yours here: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite


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