Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fortune Tea by Lotus on Water | 云龙子旺财馆的富存茶

The Encounter 天地相会
Lotus on Water makes Fortune Tea with Pull-Earl tea leaves as basic material. The Pull-Earl tea leaves that Lotus on Water uses got to be from big and old trees that are a few decades to a century old. This is to ensure the element of time and strength are encompassed within.

After the process of post fermentation, and hand pressed mold into black-tea mooncakes, we store them alongside Agarwood and Sandalwood. While using the dry tea mooncakes to absorb the excessive moist from Agarwood and Sandalwood, we allow the wealth enhancing energy of the Agarwood and Sandalwood to be infused into the tea mooncake. That is why it is called the Fortune Tea.

Lotus on Water produces products that enhances prosperity with elegance. Our products are such:

Exquisite Buddha Sculpture - Prosperity with Elegance that can be seen.

Jadeite pendent, Heaven and Earth Wealth Garnering rings, Double Dragon Fiery Ball rings - Prosperity with Elegance that can be touched.

Agarwood pendent, Sandalwood pendent, Incense from Five Paths of Wealth - Prosperity with Elegance that can be breathed in.

Fortune Tea - Prosperity with Elegance that can be drank.

Besides drinking and giving to loved ones as gifts, Fortune Tea are meant to be collected and kept as well. Like most other products by Lotus on Water, the longer you keep, the more valuable they are.

Human beings have five senses. The products of Lotus on Water allow your four senses of sight, scent, taste and touch to be connected to prosperity with elegance.

Lotus on Water allows you, in 80 percent of your capacity, to be "in-touch" with prosperity with elegance.

The Attainment 双龙夺珠









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