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2022 Winter Solstice Blessing Celebration The Phoenix Dancing and The Dragon Soars: NEW RELEASE--The Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian Buddha Pendants

Definitely an exciting New Release in this 2022 Winter Solstice Blessing Celebration! 

Do you remember that Lotus on Water launched a new series of Zodiac Guardian Buddha Jadeite Pendants in 2020 during the pandemic period? And there were 8 different Zodiac Guardian Buddha during that launch!

Here is the link to the series of Zodiac Guardian Buddha Jadeite in 2020:

The Zodiac Guardian Buddha Jadeites are a great hit among many clients! Many clients even asked Lotus on Water for Sandalwood or Agarwood Guardian Buddha Pendants. And some even asked for Guardian Buddha statues for the house!

Sandalwood Guardian Buddha series

2022 Winter Solstice Blessing Celebration NEW RELEASE is the Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian Buddha Pendants. And so......there will be 7 different Zodiac Guardian Buddhas. The very popular Sandalwood Thousand Hand Guanyin Buddha being the first Guardian Buddha of those born in the year of Rat had been released few years back! Not only this, each of the 7 Zodiac Guardian Buddhas are carved into 2 to 3 different sandalwood designs. That is truly an exciting launch!

Master Yun has great foresight. He had personally designed this series of Zodiac Guardian Buddha way before the pandemic. It was launched at the right time to guard your health and wealth especially during the pandemic period. It was first carved on jadeite pendants. And now......the Zodiac Guardian Buddhas are carved on the sandalwood!

Guardian Buddha designs drafted by Master Yun in 2015 

Do you know what Zodiac Guardian Buddha 生肖守护神 is? You definitely got to know what Zodiac Guardian Buddha is as it connects very closely with you.

8 Guardian Buddha Jadeites 

Buddhism believes that everyone is born with the blessing of a certain Buddha! Each of the 12 animal zodiac signs 十二生肖 has its own Buddhist protector 守护神. 

The Guardian Buddha of those born in the year of Rat: The Thousand Hands Guan Yin!

Through the Heavenly Stems 天干and Earthy Branches 地支, the twelve-linked causal formula and the mutual generation of five elements, namely earth, water, fire, air and wind, the 12 animal zodiac signs are blessed by eight Buddhas. You should know and show respect to your Guardian Buddha. So ...... which is your Guardian Buddha? 

Check out the photos to find out which is your Guardian Buddha.

Guardian Buddha of those born in the year of Ox and Tiger: Akasagarbha Bodhisattva

We are in the Period 8 now. We are moving into Period 9 in 2024. In the year 2024, we will officially move into the Period 9 cycle, which is another whole new 20-years cycle. This is the period when the Earth changes to the Fire element. Earth is stable, Fire is volatile, so we will expect a lot of changes coming to you fast and furious and uncertain!

The Guardian Buddha for those born in the year of Rabbit: Manjusri Bodhisattva!


What can be done?

With Period 8 ending and Period 9 on the way, you will need more pieces of sandalwood. Master Yun has already foreseen the importance of more sandalwood for personal and house fengshui. Sandalwood is a MUST HAVE for Period 8, and of course, even more important for the upcoming Period 9 from 2024 onwards!

The Guardian Buddha of those born in the year of Dragon and Snake: Samantabhadra Bodhisattva

Sandalwood is to take care of human-related matters and you will need creativity and a whole lot of inspirations. The coming period 9 can be challenging if you do not take good care of the human-related matters. Beside these benefits, sandalwood can also boost your indirect wealth too.

The Guardian Buddha for those born in the year of Horse: Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva

The Zodiac Guardian Buddhas are carved on sandalwood. It is from the Tonga sandalwood 东加檀香, the next grade after the highest old mountain sandalwood 老山檀香.With your Zodiac Guardian Buddha carved on the sandalwood, it is definitely a perfect idea! You have the protection from the Zodiac Guardian Buddha and also the benefits of the Tonga grade sandalwood for the upcoming challenges!

Guardian Buddha of those born in the year of Goat and Monkey: Vairocana Buddha

The Zodiac Guardian Buddha will bless you and turn ill luck into good, improve your career, wealth, love, study and health, have treasures fill the home, or get promoted in official career.

The Guardian Buddha of those born in the year of Rooster: Acalanatha Bodhisattva

You can wear your own Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian Buddha closed to your heart for your personal fengshui. You can also placed other recommended Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian Buddhas at the right sectors in the house for your house fengshui. There are more than one sectors in the house to place the sandalwood in this Period 8 and 9. You definitely should not miss these great opportunities for greater achievements in your life. How many more 20 years do you have? Do not miss the chance! 

属狗和猪的守护神: 阿弥陀佛 
The Guardian Buddha of those born in the year of Dog and Pig: Amitabha Buddha

The limited edition come in 3 sizes and from 22  to 31 Dec:
$30,868 (entry)
$33,868 (medium)
$36,868 (large)

After 31st Dec 2022, all increase upward by one price category, $30,868 becomes $33,868! Early bird will get the best piece with the best price!

Tonga Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian Buddha is a remarkable must have item to complete your PRAS, elevate your personal and house fengshui.

Fast hand get the upper hand for 2023!

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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

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