Thursday, December 15, 2022

2022 Winter Solstice Blessing Ceremony: MAKE A GUESS! What Do We Have For You?

Lotus on Water has been releasing new sandalwood pendants in many consecutive reblessing events. In the past, we have the Thousand Hands Guan Yin Sandalwood Pendant 千手千眼檀香观音牌, the Pineapple Dragon Sandalwood Pendant 黄梨龙檀香牌 and the Peacock King Sandalwood Pendant引福檀香孔雀明王.

Mr Kan: Very soon, it’s going to be Winter Solstice. Then, 2023. And then, the new 20-years fengshui cycle begins. It’s fortunate that we are active in these times. And the fortune will be real when we seize these times.

And just during the last Winter Solstice Reblessing ceremony in 2021, we have the Zhong Kui Sandalwood Pendant 八方来财檀香钟馗, bringing wealth from 8 Directions. And.....few months later, during Chinese New Year Reblessing ceremony in February 2022, we have the Sandalwood Heavenly Dragon云龙有道斐济檀香, bringing in power and wealth.

So, are we having another series of sandalwood pendants for you during the 2022 Winter Solstice Reblessing ceremony again?

OF COURSE! Definitely is SANDALWOOD again!

It is one of most important MUST HAVES before the arrival of Period 9 九运!

Why is this so?

We are in the Period 8 now. We are moving into Period 9 in 2024. In the year 2024, we will officially move into the Period 9 cycle, which is another whole new 20-years cycle. This is the period when the Earth changes to the Fire element. Earth is stable, Fire is volatile, so we will expect a lot of changes coming to you fast and uncertain!

FAST AND UNCERTAIN! Nobody likes that!

This explained why is sandalwood the next MUST HAVE for the coming Period 9. It is to take care of human-related matters and you will need need creativity and a whole lot of inspirations. The coming period 9 can be challenging if you do not take good care of the human-related matters. Beside these benefits, sandalwood can also boost your indirect wealth too.

Definitely there must be a very important reason for Lotus on Water to launch these series of sandalwood at a few consecutive years. Master Yun has always predicted many things way before many others. Some say he uses fengshui to tell the future. But I would say Master Yun has powerful foresight. Therefore, sandalwood is definitely a MUST HAVE to boost the personal and house fengshui!

It is already Winter Solstice 2022! The next Winter Solstice will be in Dec 2023! And it will be too close to 2024 and probably too late for you to make important decisions for your future 20 years in Period 9!

Early birds get the worms 早起的鸟儿有虫吃 is always right. If you are the early birds to start preparing for your Period 9, you are definitely into your prosperity journey earlier than many others. You not only get your worms earlier and faster but also many many more worms! You not only unlock your prosperity faster but is GREATER and GREATER prosperity!

And in this 2022 Winter Solstice event, which sandalwood collections do we have for you?

Make a guess!

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