Saturday, December 14, 2013

2. Also, how do we take good care of our agarwood or sandalwood beads or pendants?

There are many "schools" of fengshui nowadays. And I always advise potential clients of Lotus on Water to be discerning, using our knowledge and logic. We can start with this premise: while it can be difficult to comprehensively define "fengshui", one way would be to say that this is the art to balance and have both yin (minus, female, moon...) and yang (plus, male, sun...).

This is why we need to wear both jadeite and scented wood (agarwood and sandalwood), and why jadeite and scented wood - long story, can be a thesis, blog next time on this.

Wear your exquisite jadeite and agarwood together. You have both the yin and yang, both wealth and happiness.

Previously, we talked about how to take care of our jadeite. That's the yin. Now, the yang - how do we take care of our sandalwood and agarwood collections.

Similar to your jadeite, you wear your agarwood and sandalwood constantly. Let it be in contact with your skin, bodily oil, sweat. It will communicate with your energy just like your jadeite. Check out my last post if you have no idea what I am talking about. Just one thing: try not to let your agarwood and sandalwood be in contact with other forms of water, especially running water.

So no wearing your agarwood and sandalwood under the rain (better keep them in your pocket), no to wearing them to showers. 

The power of agarwood and sandalwood has to do with the oil or resin content. You might just wash away layers of power accumulated throughout ages under constant exposure to running water. 

Your sweat and bodily oil, on the other hand, enhances the energy of the agarwood and sandalwood. So just wear it.

A few things happen after you wear your agarwood and sandalwood pendant for a while. It will first turn darker. Similar to jadeite getting clearer and more luminous, the power of agarwood and sandalwood multiplies as they get darker. 

If you have sandalwood from us, you would realize that the scent varies. Sometimes, it is strong. Sometimes, it is weak. We call this breathing. And when it is strong, or you happen to see yours secrete oil like mine, good luck is here.


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