Monday, February 16, 2015

Is Free fengshui advice Good for You?

Will you eat a sweet offered to you by a stranger you do not know?  But most of you will readily listen to fengshui advice dished out by the newspapers/magazines, on the internet, or even someone that claims he does fengshui for a living.
We do not know even if the advice is a fake or half-truth but we accepted it anyway.  Let me tell you what happens after that.  First, you are consciously altering your habits, changing the actions and thinking, with the assumption that the free fengshui advice can help better your life.  Next, most probably you will end up worse than before you listened to that free fengshui advice.  What happens is that you are living on a wobbly fengshui foundation that had made an impact in your life and the results that came back is disappointing.  Suddenly, you realized free fengshui did more harm than good. 

Little did you wonder, should you look for the stranger that you accepted the free sweet from?
A co-worker told me that she prefer to be ignorant as doing fengshui is tedious.  I told her that not doing fengshui is better than doing bad fengshui and ending up worst off.  Even if you have cross-check with other fengshui sources and think that it is good for you, can you implement the free fengshui advice properly to harness its potential, or will you step on fengshui landmine?
Come to Lotus on Water, founded by sixth-generation Fengshui Master Yunlongzi 云龙子大师 where fengshui is done on 2 levels.  Personal fengshui and house/workplace fengshui.  Lotus Advisors will listen to what you want to achieve and recommend the fengshui solution accordingly.  Yes, you have to pay, but for real beneficial fengshui advice that is used by many thousands with brilliant results.

Would you buy a house knowing that you can sleep in it safely, or accept a free house that may cost your life?

Personal fengshui blessing by Master Yunlongzi 云龙子大师, sixth-generation Fengshui Master.
Many have founded prosperity with Lotus on Water Fengshui.
-- Leonard

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