Sunday, April 19, 2020

7 Reasons To Buy Your Next Lotus Collection Now


It's a most unique period of our times, but life must go on. Your prosperity must go on. In fact, this might just be the brilliant season to do up your fengshui. Here are SEVEN 7 reasons why:


1. Be PREPARE, before the sun rises again!

Look, this too shall pass. And by then, aplenty opportunities shall flood the market. Businesses and hiring shall take place again. As if like a renaissance. And you want to be prepared before that happens. 

You want to be the one to capture these refreshed opportunities.


2. Blessing at Master Yun's house

Usually, Master Yun blesses your purchased Lotus collections in the Lotus gallery. In this unique "Work From Home" period, Master Yun is blessing in his house, at Marina Bay Residences. Surely, Master Yun has set up the fengshui solid good. It is also where Master Yun stores some of the rare and raw agarwood (which we shared during the talk recently!). 

I suppose that's why Master Yun paints mainly at his house, for the great energy to sink into his fengshui paintings. And now, into your Lotus collections. And, imagine, with the skyline of Singapore in the backdrop...


3. Surrounded by Master Yun's paintings

So Master Yun paints at his house. The table that he uses for blessing, is also the one where paintings-in-progress lay or set out to dry. Basically, your Lotus collection is engulfed in the HUAT qi of creativity, of gold and silver, and the breath of new life. 


4. Master Yun has been focused on painting and meditating

Since the lockdowns around the world, Master Yun has been grounded in Singapore, and has been focusing on meditating and painting (read more about it here: 

One can say, the power is very concentrated.


5. First Lotus Guan Yin

Do you know what else is in Master Yun's house? The first Lotus Guan Yin, the one carved of green and lavender jadeite, the one that blessed Master Yun from nothing to everything...She is overseeing this blessing.


6. Delivery to YOU, to YOUR Door

Social distancing doesn't have to be prosperity-distancing. In this unique period, your HUAT Lotus collection will be delivered to you, to your door. Safe, and HUAT.


7. The season to do the IMPORTANT

In more normal days, we are often firefighting, distracted by day to day urgent affairs. In this period, when our worlds have slowed down, might be the great opportunity for us to finally focus on the important matters.

Your future is important. Your fortune is important. Your luck is important. This can be your month of reflection and moving forward.

Stay safe, stay HUAT.

-- Kan, Executive Director

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