Friday, April 10, 2020

How about a HUAT package for this HBL period?


Home-Based Learning. When your kids spend a month with you when schools close. For a month. Who doesn't love another acronym?

I propose to you a HBL package. Who doesn't love a good package/starter-pack, especially in such unique times?

Something for you, something for your kid, something for your house.

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Here's the Lotus jadeite for your kid: the Lotus jadeite bamboo

A classic choice for students (and those looking for jobs or a better career) since the founding of the gallery. For good grades, for promotion, for progression.


Of course, your kid has to wear the Lotus jadeite bamboo of the auspicious elements/colors.

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Here's the Lotus jadeite for YOU: the Lotus jadeite Qilin 麒麟

For parents, especially mothers. They say, Confucius 孔子's mother dreamt of a Qilin before becoming pregnant with Confucius, who turned out to be the greatest sage in Chinese history, ever.

When you are with the jadeite Qilin pendant of your favorable element/color, you attract more benefactors, your luck shall influence your kids too, bringing them literati and progress.

May you have scholarly children.

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Here's what to have for your home's fengshui: Duanxi Clear Waters Black Inkstone 端溪静水砚台

Now, first, having the black inkstone at the specific spot, boosts literati and good studies, which is important. It's not just any black inkstone. It has to be Duan inkstone 端砚. I have written about this several times. Duan inkstone is the top category of inkstones, recognized since Song dynasty 宋代. Many people who are selling inkstones have no idea what they are talking about, they might be saying "Duan inkstone 端砚", but they have no idea of what's "Duan 端" or "inkstone 砚".

ALSO, it smoothens conflicts. Which in this period, when everyone is stuck at home, is VERY IMPORTANT.

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Here's what else to have for your home's fengshui, or for yourself: Lotus sandalwood beads/pendant 檀香念珠/牌

Sandalwood activates the literati star (studying, good grades, promotion...). Be it pendant or beads, you can either hang it at the spot we advise, or you wear it. The scent from your Lotus sandalwood shall influence your children, who in this period of HBL, should be right beside you...

BTW, did I mention, sandalwood also prospers your indirect wealth.

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Have that extra boost this unique season. Get that extra edge, for yourself and your children.

Speak to your Lotus advisor today: 

Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

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