Wednesday, November 30, 2016

3 FRIDAYS: Mr Kan Speaks On 2017 Annual Fengshui

Ok, here we go -- 

We are very close to Winter Solstice 冬至 (21 Dec 2016), which means we are going to talk about the annual fengshui of 2017 (丁酉) very, very soon.

In the coming Fridays leading up to our Winter Solstice mass blessing celebration, I am going to conduct 3 sessions of sharing on Fire Rooster year's Annual Fengshui. Here's what I have thought out so far:

 1. 2 Dec 2016, 730pm
- the 2 kinds of fengshui you need to know, and how would they affect you
- the "code-words" we use (pretty important, especially if you are new to this, this would set the foundation for the next 2 sessions)
- the year of 丁酉 (Fire Rooster, or Fire-Metal), what it means for you and your elements

2. 9 Dec 2016, 730pm
- annual fengshui part 1: of wealth and crisis
- the perks of the "wood-based" annual wealth stars
- the perils of the toughest crisis (and of course what we can do about it)

3. 16 Dec 2016, 730pm
- annual fengshui part 2: of benefactors, power, and love
- the crisis of power, and why man 男人 should be most prepared against it
- back to basics: spatial fengshui, or personal "mobile" fengshui

Each session should be about an hour. You know my style, I keep it light and simple, retaining all necessary essence. Location, our glorious VIP gallery. All clients and your friends invited -- but you know the space, speak with us and let us know how many of you are coming; we need to reserve seats.

This is the only time we will be revealing the location of the annual flying stars openly. Usual practice, we won't be announcing them on our Facebook or other printed materials. The consultations after Winter Solstice (yes, please make your appointments in advance for that), will be between you and your advisors.

So if you are keen to learn more, or simply enjoy my tales, RSVP!

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

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