Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And there is ONE thing that makes the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags extraordinarily prosperous this year. Read on.

16 January 2015, last Friday, Master Yun started preparing the concoction of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags. Master Yun has insisted on making the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags by himself since day one. Since many years back.

Only Master Yun knows the exact proportion of the different essences. I will spare you with the details, because you can watch it here, take a look: http://bit.ly/1yA3f2e

You will notice: Every . Single . Detail . Matters

Like on what kind of Duanxi Clear Waters Inkstone must the Annual Wealth Bags be made on to ensure the sufficient balance of yin or yang Qi required; like what kind of spoon we are using to stir to sandalwood or agarwood essences with the Lotus vermilion; like how many layers of gold (real gold) to be added so that you have another treasure of the earths with you...in short, you and I both know that this is a way too tedious process that tests the capacity and integrity of the maker of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags. Just not simply something that random imitators can comprehend, let alone to imitate.

And there is one thing that makes the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags extraordinarily prosperous this year. Read on.

Most of the time, Master Yun does his mixture of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bag in secret. But the superior incense fragrance emitted when he has to leave the mixture in the Duanxi Inkstone would be rather wasteful since it would go into the air.

This year, Master Yun prepared his mixture right in front of the main gallery's Guan Yin - the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin, and would leave it here for 10 days. 

For these 10 days, the fragrance is like a superior incense offered to Guan Yin. And superior incense is like a messenger sending our prayer to Guan Yin. It's said in the sutra that those who offer the best incense to Buddha will have elegant beauty in their coming life.

So it's really fortunate of us who are here these 10 days to pray in front of her, offering the superior incense fragrance of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags that Master Yun has prepared.

Bring home this blessing. Bring home your Lotus Annual Wealth Bags.
Get ready for your wealth, get ready for beauty, get ready for elegance.

-- Kan

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