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Master Yun: Message, On The Opening Night (26 April 2017)

(My message, on the opening night of "The Symphony of Prosperity and Elegance -- The Feng Shui Art of Master Yun Long Zi", 26 April 2017)

What a wonderful evening. And it is so lovely because you are here.

Somebody says that all great civilizations do three things: they build it, they write it and they paint it.

To build it...
Singapore is a beautiful island with beautiful buildings. As a grandchild born in a family line of feng shui masters, I am honoured to have been involved in the building of the many buildings and premises, especially in the beginning years of my career.
What I am most proud of, was not the physical buildings themselves, but the building of the quality of the lives of the people living in those buildings. 
I have been thrilled to see lives... turning from ashes to crowns of glory, from tears of desperation to songs of joy , from poverty to prosperity.

To write it.
As a team, Lotus on Water has written prolifically. Till today, Lotus on Water Facebook has 1 million four hundred thousand over fans, with close to five hundred written articles. Our fan base is second highest in Singapore, just next to Singapore Airlines. Boy, they better fly faster.
Again, what we are proud of is not just how many fans we have collected, or how many articles we have written, but how we have been consistently, persistently, and relentlessly writing about possibilities of all births and backgrounds; we have been writing about successes in unbelievable conditions and situations; and we have been writing about light in pitch darkness.

To paint it. 
So today is a new next phase. It is our first solo art exhibition. Again, I am not excited to paint what we can see with our physical eyes. I am interested to paint what has been revealed to our inner eyes.... pictures of hope, strength, greatness, elegance, luxury, and prosperity. Pictures of possibilities, destiny, purposes, dreams and celebration. 
What we paint, we create. We don't just paint what has been created; we also paint to create.

So when Dr Woon Wee Lee asked me if I would name a school of art for my paintings, what would I call it? I said: Celebrationism.

Art is A luxury. And Luxury is for us humans. No animals, no plants would pay any attention to luxury. That's why there is a saying: (do not) cast your pearls before swine.

Homo sapiens is the only living species on earth that love, pursue and embrace luxury.

And I think it is good.

Art, a luxury, burns people with passion, enthusiasm and a fervour to pursue excellence even after whatever we need is met.

Art, a luxury, makes people smile, dream and hope even when they are inflicted by hunger, frost and darkness.

The Chinese phrase for motivation is 推动力。Literally translated, it is called "push factor". But "push factor" is no longer relevant when the society is sufficient, wealthy and prosperous. Like Singapore.

So I would like to coin a new Chinese phrase for motivation. I call it 拉动力。Literally translated, it means "pull factor". 拉动力 or "pull factor" is relevant in all societies, and for all people. It is relevant for people who are wealthy and relevant for people who are poor. It is relevant for people who are warm and has a lot to eat, and relevant for people who are cold and hungry.

And luxury is 拉动力。
Art is 拉动力。
Celebration is 拉动力。
Feng Shui is 拉动力。
The celestial world is moving because of 拉动力。
The Peacock is 拉动力。
Beauty is 拉动力。
Elegance is 拉动力。
Prosperity is 拉动力。

I always think that an art exhibition should not just be an "art pieces hanging activity". It should be a force of 拉动力,a force that pulls people with a taste for aesthetic, people with elegance in their soul, and people with a prosperous mentality together, to create beautiful dreams and spirited Celebrations.

And this is what "The Symphony of Prosperity and Elegance" is about. This is what Celebrationism is. This is also what Lotus on Water is.

Have a wonderful evening of Celebrationism.

-- Master Yun Long Zi

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