Thursday, November 24, 2022

3 Must-Haves for Period 9 (2024)

The future is starting now. We are living in the time of changing from period 8 to period 9 cycle. In the year 2024, we will officially move into the period 9 cycle, thus another whole new 20-years cycle is on it’s way! This is the period that changes from Earth to Fire element. Earth is stable, Fire is volatile, so do expect a lot of changes coming to you fast and uncertain!

Who will need to face these changes? YOU! You are the one who needs to deal with these changes. You can’t turn back the clock to stay in period 8 forever. You can only move forward.

You are very, VERY lucky to be in Singapore. Why? Period 9 actually favors Singapore. Sounds great, isn’t it? But there is a catch, as not all are able to harvest in this great time. Only those who anticipate and prepare will benefit from this change.

Mr Kan has been talking a lot about crystal mountains lately. What is so important about crystal mountains? Let's us go back to the ancient quote “山管人丁,水管财”, in short, the mountains are responsible of human-related luck while the waters govern one’s wealth luck.

While the future will be uncertain, it can all link back to us, humans. Only by upkeep of the human-related matters, then you will be successful and thrive in the coming period. And you need 2 crystal mountains to release the full potential. Why 2? Period 9 favors Prince mountains over King mountains and yet you can’t do Feng Shui for Prince mountains only, because there is no foundation for the Prince mountains if there are no King mountains. A building without a foundation will collapse no matter how grand it is.

There are also clients of Lotus who started with Master Yun’s paintings. They are making a smart choice. Master Yun’s Art is gaining more and more international recognition; thus, the value of the collections has been increasing day by day. More importantly, Master Yun’s Feng Shui Art can elevate you to achieve the highest fame and status in coming time. You might have doubt with the power of Master Yun’s Feng Shui Art, but let me tell you this, I have witnessed many of these jaw dropping testimonies, and they are really beyond words. Pay a visit to the gallery and talk to these collectors, you will have the same reaction as me.

Why is sandalwood the next must-have for the coming period? To take care of human-related matters, you need creativity and a whole lot of inspirations. And you can get this from sandalwood. Beside these benefits, sandalwood can boost your indirect wealth too. Who doesn't want more from just one treasure?

The coming period 9 can be challenging if you don’t take good care of the human-related matters. What can you do? Do nothing and let these challenges drain you? OR embrace the challenges by starting with Lotus on Water, and prosper exponentially? Your future, your choice, your prosperity.

-- Pook

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