Thursday, December 8, 2016

A General Exposition On Lotus Crystal Mountains And The 2 Planes Of Fengshui

The power of Lotus crystals, and especially Lotus crystal Guan Yin or Buddha sculptures, is in the "human luck 人丁运". Good health, good people relationships, good benefactors, good descendant luck etc. Depending on where we put it, there will be different focuses on these lucks.

How many should you have? There should be 2 Lotus crystals on each floor, or each area of fengshui.

And when you have one crystal placement, your extra personal collections, or when you are meditating, you can have them around the sculpture. There are some clients who have extra personal collections, maybe an extra set of sandalwood beads, just as a very, very good offering of incense to his Guan Yin sculpture. You enhance the Qi too, up the yin and yang. But that's a more complex topic for another time.

Coming back: 2 crystals for each floor or each area of fengshui, to take care of 2 planes of fengshui.

These 2 planes of fengshui go by many names: "present" and "future", "today" and "tomorrow", "our generation" and "next generation", "king" and "crown prince".

Basically, we can understand them as "what we have now" and "the continuation of what we have".

Our first crystal is for the "present plane" - for what we want to have now. This is the foundation. For good health, good relationship, good family luck, harmony. It will be energies about our "human luck". Particular sculptures and carvings have the additional boost in benefactor luck. Like Guan Yin or dragon crystals.

Then the extension, which is the "crown prince." This is for the benefactor luck, and to let our benefactors continue, to come in waves after waves. This second crystal is also specially for descendant luck. The matter on whether we have descendants, our relationship with the second generation - like whether your kids are close to the family and are they good with the parents, and also equally important, to invoke the descendant generation to start fulfilling and maximizing their potential. Some of them might not be of age to wear Lotus jadeite yet, or are simply not wearing Lotus jadeite yet, so this second crystal is for their good.

When the "king" and "crown prince" are taken care of, we go on to sandalwood, agarwood and so on.

Ok, so which is more important - the "current - king" or the "future - crown prince"?

It depends. If you are going more for the benefactor luck or the descendant luck, the "crown price" is more important. Your focus would be on the "crown prince".

However, that doesn't mean you can neglect the "king". Without the "king", there is no "crown prince". That means the right thing to do is to have 1 crystal for the "king" place, then have an even better one for the "crown prince". Understand it as the second crystal is the backer of the first crystal - 靠山的靠山. 

So when you are buying your first crystal, always good to place it at the "king" spot.

What we do is that after your buy the crystal, we highlight the spot that is best for you to put the crystal. We select a good date, and we shift it in, place it, remove the red cloth or ribbon.

Huat on.

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

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