Saturday, December 17, 2016

RECAP ON TALK 3: Be Assertive, Have Your Imperial White Inkstone In Place

And so, we have concluded the 3 sessions of Annual Fengshui talk. I am really touched by your support, faith, and turnout -- we accommodated more seats, still fuller than full-house!

But, that is just the beginning, right?

In the 3rd and final session, we talked about another set of 一白遮三丑 (one white covers three ugliness) -- when you enhance one area of auspiciousness, three sectors of bad energies are suppressed. We covered the first set in our second session: pumping up our annual wealth lucks (both direct and indirect) to counter crisis, accidents, illness; using agarwood and sandalwood to attract prosperity to us, absorb negativity and convert them into opportunities. We have a recap here.

There are 三煞 "3 Sha" (in general, we can understand as conflicts) in 2017 (丁酉). Ranging from mere verbal conflict to unwanted fame, even to legal conflicts. I emphasized in the last session: the intensity of these 煞, whether they impact you positively or terribly negatively, really depends on you. Whether you are going to smoothen the impact, tackle it, convert it, or ignore it. 

Yes, we can smoothen the impact of such conflicts. Just place the Duanxi Clear Waters Black Inkstone 端溪静水黑砚台 at prescribed locations.

Many are already aware, the Duan category of black inkstone is the top grade of inkstones (from Song Dyansty to recognized auction houses today) -- as like other Lotus collections, we always go for the top order of things, right? -- it has the subtle power of "冬暖夏凉" (warm in winter, cooling in summer), a good agent to appease arguments and fights.

So this is one action that you can take. And since there are 3 areas of conflicts, if you want to defend against all 3 spots, place 3 Duanxi Clear Waters Black Inkstones.

3?? Ok, hold that thought. 

I also urged you, in my last session, to face such potential conflicts with courage, to embrace them. We have to admit that certain conflicts are necessary. Without potential conflicts, there won't be talks, there won't be negotiations and discussions. All is but silent. Bad news for people in business. Bad news for employees too. There won't be even talks about your promotion. Just still as water. 

The key thing is to emerge victorious from such imminent conflicts and negotiations. That's when your 一白遮三丑 comes in. Instead of defending, be assertive. Use your Imperial White Inkstone to up your status, power, benefactors, and subdue the negativity that might emerge from the conflicts.

We spoke about the Imperial White Inkstone for years, despite we might only be able to harvest less than 10 pieces every year. Here: 

And we did MANY episodes on the Imperial White Inkstone before:

Much has been said about the rarity and power of the Imperial White Inkstone, and there is still much to revere about it (do refer to the notes given out during the sessions).
But just as a recap, know this: with one Imperial White Inkstone, while you are covering the conflicts from 3 sides, you are also boosting your benefactor and victory power. 

This is why we keep emphasizing 一白遮三丑. It is an efficient way to get your annual fengshui done up. You secure the key positions, while they minimize the negative interference, you are benefiting and prospering as well. 

And this is also a way of life -- I did say before, the Lotus prosperity is about having Lotus collections, and also making prosperous decisions at every possible turn. Instead of choosing to be neutral or not-that-bad, go for victory, go for prosperity. 

Here's a summary of the 3 sessions that we had, coming from this perspective:
1. Leverage on your big cycle of fengshui, we need all the boost we can get for 2017.
2. Agarwood is the necessity. You need it to boost your wealth luck, and to absorb and convert. If you have agarwood, boost it with your sandalwood. You are overcoming the intrusion of the evil brothers of crisis star and illness star.

3. Be assertive. To defend is good. But not good enough. Have your Imperial White Inkstone to boost your benefactors and victorious power.

So this is yet another beginning. Remember to fix your appointment with us to go through your floorplans to see how we can appropriate these annual remedies for your 2017. 

Let's make your 2017 a game-changing and prosperous one. Huat on. 

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

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