Thursday, December 15, 2016

Another way to remember Qinan...comeback!

Qinan is extremely rare. Through out my time here, I have only seen 3 pieces. One was taken by a very very fortunate long time regular this June. 

Another two pieces which are available now are the purple Qinan. Not just any other purple Qinan (which are already super hard to come by), but purple Qinan with golden threads!

These two amazing pieces have golden threads on the surface -- which are actually resin oozing out, like volcanic eruption, therefore forming those gold lines. You will know how powerful it is if you had watch one of the episode where we talked specifically about this purple Qinan with golden threads. 

Just by the name, one can sense that it is mysterious and powerful. But the true power comes from how it is formed. 

Agarwood are form when agarwood tree (aquilaria species) in the wild got hurt naturally. And to ensure it's survival, it secretes oil to protect the injured part which are attacked by bacteria. Now, that part, the resin is agarwood. I don't want to bore you with the maths but in a forest, only 7% of the tress are those of aquilaria species. And among the agarwood trees, 7% of them have the chance of producing agarwood, (chances of them getting hurt naturally). 

You can imagine the probability of us harvesting agarwood, not to mention Qinan -- much much less!

When we talked about Qinan (the best grade of agarwood), they are the resin of agarwood trees which are supposed to die, because the bacteria attack are so overwhelming that it shouldn't have survive. 

So it's sort of like a miraculous recovery, an almost impossible come back. Imagine a soccer match. Well, from my memory, one of the greatest comeback was the 2005 UEFA Champion League Final between AC Milan and Liverpool. Milan were regarded as favourites before the match and took the lead within the first minute. Before half time, Liverpool was three nil down. In the second half, Liverpool launched a come back and scored three goals in a dramatic six-minue spell to level the scores and eventually won. 

Pretty much the same idea, to win is never easy, but to emerge as winner in a situation where all seem lost, is even more difficult. 

And that is what the purple Qinan with golden threads is all about -- not just coming back and win, but win gloriously. 
However, only few can be champions...

-- Samuel Ling, Assistant to Advisor

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