Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Boost Your Home's Fengshui with Imperial White Inkstone

Many agarwood have been sold, thank you and congratulations to blessed clients who have gotten theirs.

Many people are asking us: We are supposed to talk about annual fengshui because Winter Solstice is coming. So why are we not talking about the house but we are still talking about agarwood and our personal collection? So, let’s talk about the house, let’s talk about something that is for the house which will also bring us benefactors just like agarwood. This Lotus treasure is extremely rare, like a lot of other collections in Lotus on Water. It also has two special benefits: First, it gives you power in status. Second, it gives you victory. So, for those of you who have been following closely, you will know that the next collection I’m going to talk about is the Imperial White Inkstone.

Imperial White Inkstone is extremely rare, every single 100 inkstones that we have, only one is a white inkstone. And every year, we only have four, six, eight pieces. The other inkstones are also very good, but black inkstone mainly serves to smoothen conflicts. We know that in the past, even royalty can’t use it, it’s only used by the emperor to say yes or no to the decisions in the country. So, it’s extremely rare.

First question: Where do you place this Imperial White Inkstone?

Speak to us! We must know which area you want to improve and to study every floor plan before we can propose an efficient place to have it.

Second question: How do we choose this Imperial White Inkstone?

We got to look at the details of the very limited inkstones before deciding. If you are a bit hasty, you can always go back and watch the previous episodes that we did. Some episodes we have spoken on red vermilion lines, black gold lines etc.

We have several announcements here:

One, of course, winter solstice is coming, regulars should be already bringing back their lotus collections for reblessing. Make an appointment with us!

Second is that, from 1st of January onwards, we will be having 8 to 10 longer episodes that will go into the stars, fengshui theory of 2017, the outlook of 2017. Recap on what we have discussed in detail and what we can do about them as well.

So, till then, next episode we are going to talk about: How to choose white inkstones?

Hopefully, by then we still have several pieces to compare to tell you which piece is good for this yea.

So, till then, huat ah!

——Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

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