Saturday, December 24, 2016

THANK YOU: Winter Solstice Celebration Huge Success

THANK YOU everyone! Winter Solstice celebration was a huge success.

The Lotus always try to find as many opportunities as possible to give our regulars -- YOU -- more reblessing, more blessings and more value. The Lotus prosperity is about wearing the Lotus collections, yes. It is also very much about choosing prosperity at every single path, at every single turn.

We believe our clients want the very best, which is why we insist on using only the best earthly resources.

Speaking of this reminds me of this particular client whom I got to know for about one year plus ago. I didn't expect him to come for the Winter Solstice celebration but he was here with his wife (spreading the good faith, bringing his loved ones onboard the Lotus). She is wearing a Double Dragon ring on her middle finger -- for wealth.  

Despite his busy schedule, he knows the significance of it and he always try his best to be here for our celebrations, 初一 and 十五 as well. To be around the Huat Qi as much as possible -- choosing prosperity at every single turn. 

I have not been here for long, but this is one client whom I have the fortune to speak to, and to prosper him and his family. And this is what my career is all about.

So for blessed regulars, looking forward to seeing you, to be like him...or maybe even better than him!

Another reminder, after Winter Solstice, now, we are going onto the next path: your 2017 annual fengshui. So if you haven't make your appointment with us, contact us, book a slot with us. To go through your floor plan to see what you want to achieve for 2017, and what collections you need to make it a victorious and powerful Fire Rooster year. 

So till then...Huat Ah!

-- Samuel Ling, Assistant to Advisor

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