Friday, April 10, 2020

What's Master Yun doing during "Circuit Breaker"?

What's Master Yun doing during this period?



For Master Yun, painting is his meditation. And he imbues his prayers and blessings into the paintings.

I suppose that's why some collectors and art critics say they can feel the energy from Master Yun's fengshui art.

I think we all need that extra ounce of positivity daily. Especially now. Master Yun's paintings and calligraphy have evolved over the years, but the underlying idea/philosophy has been constant.


When Dr Woon Wee Lee 云惟利教授 asked if Master Yun would name a school of art for his paintings, what would he call it? Master Yun said: Celebrationism.

Master Yun describes: "The unifying quality of my art is that it celebrates all things worth celebrating, from health to wealth, and from relationships to prosperity. I focus on the positive energies and elements that I can draw on such as love, joy, peace and hope, all of which are subject matters that my art symbolizes. To that end, may I be so bold as to coin the term Celebrationism as a movement that I would like my art to be celebrated upon." (

There might be some who lament back then: oh, that's not serious art; that's pretty pandering and commercialized...


Then now we truly realize, happiness is a serious topic. Prosperity and longevity are serious topics.

And uplifting topics too.

That extra stroke of huatness, that extra stroke of hope and happiness, might just get you past the days and weeks. Might just open up your perspective and soul to the universe. Might just draw that much needed opportunity to you.

Stay safe, stay HUAT.

-- Kan, Executive Director
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